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Right To Chimera

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

– Daniel J. Boorstin

An illusion is the greatest threat to freedom. The degree of vulnerability in a society is indirectly proportional to the degree of objective politics and policy practices.

Let us get one thing clear. Government is a service provider, anyone in doubt ablut that should study how democracy works. The President/The Prime Minister is not your dad/mum or Uncle/Aunt. They hold a lot of power and have a lot of responsibilities and rightly so. Every democratic citizen should see their representatives as Strangers hired for a job with the expectation that they would perform. That is it. In return, We pay them salaries in the form of taxes.

Now that we have cleared one assumption. Going forward shouldn’t confuse many readers.

Liberalism is slowly turning lazy and I say this with full responsibility. Many YouTubers and social commentators have tried solving a puzzle as to why Islam and Feminists seem ally when the ideologies of both clashes and in fact one cannot exist while the other does. Islam preaches a very restrictive role for women in the society whereas Feminism actually opposes that idea.

So the question is, Why two polar opposite ideas have become allies?

My take on this is little different.

Here is how.

According to various people, It’s because of common enemies. Some believe that its because the Feminism has lost its grip and is now used as a propaganda for virtue signalling by the radical left. According to various surveys, more and more women are giving up on the idea of feminism.

Right there is the problem.

Evil prevails when good men fail to act
– Edmund Burke

To prove my point lets look at Feminist Issue. Milo Yiannopoulos was once questioned about his Cancer or Feminism Blog and was specifically asked about his views and he very rightly stated that Feminism is not what it used to be.


This idea that the definition of Feminism has changed because Feminists are not following it as it was originally intended to is the reason why secularists and liberal philosophies are failing to sustain ground.

We have a shockingly mistaken idea for a label. Feminist is not a label that anyone can put it on and wear it. Feminist is a stand with its roots in political philosophy.

Feminism has been hijacked and I know many realise this but what is far more grave is that even though actual feminists agree and know that the 3rd wave feminism is not Feminism they still let these people hijack their stand and let them misrepresent the philosophy. This is an ideological war and our response to it is, “Well, I don’t see my self as a feminist today”

That is appalling, to say the least. You let them hijack your idea instead of fighting back and then you blame the society and the establishment? Where is the moral sense of responsibility now?

Why are Liberals and Liberal Conservatives changing their labels when their stance hasn’t changed much? Why are we simply allowing the hijacking of our ideas?

If some women have hijacked Feminism then don’t give up on Feminism. Fight Back and reclaim what was yours!

Feminism is Equality Of The Sexes.

Not Whining and Man-Hating. Similarly with other stands and ideas.

Don’t allow problematic people to rob your ideas. Conceding the idea is like conceding land. They will feed you to the sharks or drop you off the cliff if you allow it to go on.

Fight back.

These people don’t have the knowledge, they just know how to act like knowledgeable and that is the illusion you need to fight back.

Reclaim Feminism and Reclaim Liberalism.