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Are we the people ?

The world in which, We the people, have ascended to the centre stage it is by and large a mirage of what we expect and what we gain. My article is to bring focus to the idea of governments around the world, especially democratic governments. We the people, the article, intends to highlight that how in this complex world, simplicity has become the currency of success and power and yet widely ignored.

Between the Ying and the Yang, our world seems divided. Most people think that this divide is superficial and created. Here comes the surprise. It is Natural. Since the inception of Humans on this planet, one need has been common. It is the need of order. It is naturally built-in.

Nature is beautiful. It is everywhere. It is wild. Some may even say that it is within everything it surrounds but let’s not get carried away. It has no boundaries and it cannot be bounded. We need it yet we fight it. Nature can be trouble. It is unpredictable. It is everything and yet nothing. Some refer to nature as a mother while some even consider it god. Whatever you might think about it, it doesn’t care or at least that’s what it seems like. Nature is free from human order. It follows no human law. In short, Nature is chaotic.

The human need for order and Nature’s pleasure to be chaotic seemingly come at odds with each other. It is this contradiction that is of substance rest is just a moot point.

Democracies all around the world seem at odds within. I can fairly say that the American System of democracy is the finest one to be implemented yet for all the other reasons it is being ignored and even destroyed up to some extent by the Americans themselves. With Communism and Socialism slowly creeping back into the universities and the entry of the third party i.e Libertarian Party.  The third party is the biggest threat. I firmly believe so which might come as a surprise to many.

American Democracy has matured and it has fulfilled its manifest destiny and it is not an illusion like most of the Americans had during the 1900s when the idea of an American empire was ripe in the minds of the politicians. I am talking about the present.


…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whaterver form. Both are illusions

  • Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now.


We the people have to realise that the two-party system is a great and a natural way to move forward. We the people, between our need for order and nature’s chaos, have survived and moved forward in leaps and bounds. Don’t let the universities tell you otherwise.

How did we do that?

I call it natural order.

Somehow the Americans have struck a jackpot in democracy. They have achieved the equilibrium of democracy. Any step to disturb the balance through creative indulgence in the name of evolution or freedom can bring them two things. Its either Order in the name of government dictatorship or Chaos in the name of Civil Unrest. This might sound confusing.

Timeline Analogy

  • Future
  • Past
  • Present

We all know Time doesn’t lie. To filter any decision, it must satisfy The Future, Learn from The Past and  Consider the Present.

Now, name me one democracy in the world that does that naturally, without intent?

The United States Of America.

The two parties represent the two ends of the timeline.

The Past (Conservatives)

The Future (Liberals/Progressives)

The Present (We The People)

We the people are the present. We get to decide every election cycle whether we need to move to the past or push towards the future but remember both ends are illusions because the present never owes to the past and the present can never own the future but its the present that matters because it is not an illusion.

We the people are not an illusion.


NOTE: Please note that political positions have been represented on the 
timeline not the parties. History is evident that these positions have 
switched between the parties all throught the 
democratic history of the USA.